The Underground Manifesto

Feb 22, 2020

It’s a bit overwhelming, actually. The fact that I’m here, on a Saturday night, writing a blog on my brand new website.

I know. People do it every day. They write blogs every day. But this is different. Because it’s mine. And because it’s the first.

I feel that I ought to write something monumental, gripping, profound. Any combination of those three adjectives would do. I feel like I should say something that my future self will read and cheer about, will lift a glass and toast to.

No pressure.

I suppose I’ll write a manifesto of sorts. Or a wish list? Of all the things I hope UGM will be, so that when I’m tired or frustrated or confused, I can return to this moment, to this post, and remember what it was all for.

I want Underground Media to be a place where creativity can live. No, that’s not strong enough. Where creativity can thrive, where it can sprout wings and roots, and both fly and be grounded simultaneously.

Underground Media must always be a place that recognizes, celebrates, and fosters the unique talents of those we encounter.

UGM will build relationships and community with all those who seek it. We will actively promote tolerance, acceptance, and free thought. We will engage in meaningful dialogue through storytelling, podcasting, and plain ‘ole conversation.

Underground Media will intentionally tell the stories that need to be told.

Underground is a place for my kids to develop talents they never knew they had. It’s a safe place for them to try new things and fail at new things because I will be there, trying and failing right alongside them.

I’m honored that so many have already joined us Underground. The level of support in this project has been inspiring.

What are your hopes as we go Underground? How can we help?

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