Community Education

Underground Media is committed to working in our "neighborhood."  Through our podcasts, storytelling, and in-person workshops, we strive to bring connection and understanding.   We believe in the power of relationships, conversation, and community. 

Join us.

"The Talk"

Coming:  June 2020

"The worst thing isn't an awkward conversation. The worst thing is no conversation."  

We are parents.  We are educators.  We are public health experts. 

We believe that no matter what, the relationship comes first.
The primary purpose of this class is to help parents and kids talk to each other.  The secondary purpose is sex ed.  

Throughout this two night course, parents and kids will be given the opportunity to ask questions of each other and themselves.  They'll emerge with a basic understanding of the way sex works along with the tools to get through the tough conversations in years to come. 
We offer classes targeted at various age bands:
Grades 5-6
Grades 7-8
Grades 9-12

Registration opens Spring 2020.

Storytelling Workshops

Several times throughout the year, our Eastside Eight storytelling slams are student-centered.  Students interested in performing at the show meet at 4:00 to workshop their piece.  We perfect structure and delivery.  We introduce microphone etiquette.  

Next workshop date: 
March 7
The Nile Coffee Shop